Ji Wenlin Met Maluti Technical Vocational Education &Training College Education Delegation
Author:     Date: 2018-10-08     Visit quantity: 1

On 16th September afternoon, Ji Wenlin,Chair of college council met Veli Eric Mabena, president of Maluti Technical Vocational Education and Training College which is the member of HVEIAA in Taizhou hotel.

Ji Wenlin warmly welcomed Veli Eric Mabena to attend this summit of HVEIAA. Mr. Ji said that both colleges reach an important cooperation agreement in South Africa in this June and this provided a guide of cooperation. Both sides would engaged in making an model of the HVEIAA membership.

Veli Eric Mabena congratulated the summit of HVEIAA successfully. He said that this alliance contribute to construct a cooperation platform for China’s agriculture and husbandry and Africa countries. Maluti Technical Vocational Education and Training College willing to promoted all the works with JSAHVC.

Both sides also exchanged in-depth views on specific cooperation projects.