Ji Wenlin Met the BSK International Delegation
Author:     Date: 2018-10-08     Visit quantity: 1

On 16th September afternoon, Ji Wenlin, chair of college council met Kai-Arne Fieldler,the chair of BSK International in Taizhou Hotel.

Ji Wenlin  warmly welcomed Kai-Arne Fieldler to attend this summit of HVEIAA. The attendance of BSK education group further improved the internationalization level of education for international agriculture and animal husbandry and expanded the international agriculture animal husbandry education cooperation channels.It provided the breakthrough point and possibility for the future China and Germany agricultural and husbandry cooperation.

Kai-Arne Fieldler congratulated the summit of HVEIAA successfully. The establishment of the alliance provides a platform for cooperation between German and Chinese in agricultural and husbandry.

Both sides also exchanged in-depth views on specific cooperation projects.