Summit of HVEIAA & Development Conference of JSAHVC
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In September, it was the clear and crisp days of autumn and a lot of wise people got together to attended this conference. On 15th morning, September ,Summit of Higher Vocational Education International Alliance for Agri-husbandry & Development Conference of Jiangsu Agri-animal Husbandry Vocational College was held in Our College.

The leaders who sit on the rostrum are :Zhang Taolin, vice minister of agriculture and rural affairs; Chen Xingying, vice governor of Jiangsu provincial people's government; Zhang Jiuhan, former vice chairman of the provincial CPPCC; Tesfaye Mengsitie, deputy minister of agriculture and animal husbandry of Ethiopia; Gonroudobou Orou Deke, deputy minister of agriculture, animal husbandry and fisheries of the republic of Benin; Zhai Huqu, former President of Chinese academy of agricultural sciences and President of China association for the promotion of international cooperation in agriculture; Lu Liusheng, deputy secretary general of Jiangsu provincial people's government; Wang Jinbao, former director general of China vocational education association; Wang Xuejun, deputy director of the department of science and education of the ministry of agriculture and rural affairs; Chen Jianrong, Deputy director of the center for school planning, construction and development of the ministry of education; Hang Dapeng, Party secretary of central agriculture radio and television school; Sun Lin, Party secretary and President of China agricultural press; Tong Yu’e, Director of international exchange service center, ministry of agriculture and rural affairs; Wu Peiliang, director of agriculture and rural work committee of standing committee of Jiangsu provincial people's congress; Shi Lijun, Mayor of taizhou municipal people's government; Lu Peimin, Chairman of Taizhou CPPCC; Wang Chengbin, deputy director of jiangsu provincial department of education; Cai Heng, deputy director-general of Jiangsu provincial agriculture commission; Dong Gang, chair of the national association of college presidents; Zhang Hong, Party secretary of China animal epidemic prevention and control center; Shi Youlong, chief animal husbandry division, national animal husbandry station; Shen Jian, former director of Jiangsu provincial department of education, President of Jiangsu education international exchange association; Xue Tingwu, president of China industrial and commercial corporation LTD; Zhou Shaoquan, Taizhou people's congress standing committee deputy director; Zhu Hongsheng, Former inspector of Jiangsu provincial agriculture commission; Catherine Baxter, president of TAFE New Western; Stuart Franklin Cullum, president of olds college, Canada; Nie Ying, President of Jinling institute of technology; Li Xuetai, president of Shandong Vocational Animal Science and Veterinary College; Xu Xiangming, Secretary of the party committee, Suzhou Polytechnic Institute of Agriculture; Ji Wenlin, Chair of college council, JSAHVC and He Zhengdong, president of JSAHVC.

        The first stage of the conference is the international agriculture, animal husbandry and higher professions education alliance summit, hosted by Catherine Baxter, president of TAFE New Western

Zhang Taolin, vice minister of agriculture and rural affairs pointed out that it had a great significance to promote vocational education internationally. This conference also played an important role on implemented the “One Belt, One Road “initiative, "go global" in serving agriculture, reformed and developed the agricultural profession education.

        Zhang Taolin said that the JSAHVC, one of the alliance members has become a national model of higher agricultural education, and has cultivated and trained a large number of excellent skilled agricultural students for China and the world, especially for southeast Asian countries. He raised three hopes for the future development of JSAHVC: first, actively serve the rural revitalization strategy; Second, continue to run schools and services win-win development road; Third, strengthen experience sharing and international cooperation.

        In her speech, Chen Xingying, vice governor introduced the basic situation of Jiangsu and its opening to the outside world, pointing out that the convening of this summit has set up an important platform for promoting the international exchange and cooperation of agriculture and animal husbandry profession education. The host of the summit, JSAHVC, is the leader of agricultural vocational colleges in China and the backbone of cultivating agricultural and rural talents in our province. It has played an important role in promoting the development of modern agriculture in our province and promoting the overall revitalization of the countryside.

        Chen Xingying, hoped that JSAHVC will thoroughly implement the spirit of education conference and promote the development of education teaching at a new level and adhere to the fundamental task of cultivating talents for the new era., serve the rural revitalization, and provide our province with talent support and intellectual support; deepen exchanges and cooperation and work together to create a new chapter for education in agriculture and animal husbandry.

        Shi Lijun, mayor of Taizhou, introduced basic situation of Taizhou and expressed that this conference held in Taizhou was a good opportunity for higher vocational education to communicate, learn and enhancement. This conference will certainly greatly promote the reform and development of the city's career education, and have a positive impact at home and abroad.

        Shi Lijun said JSAHVC got a achievement in education teaching, talent training, social services, cultural heritage innovation and international exchanges and cooperation, Has made the important contribution for Taizhou education and "agriculture, rural areas and farmers" development. He hoped that JSAHVC will take this meeting as an opportunity to show new talent, create new achievements and continue to write new splendor in the new era.

        Ji Wenlin, chair of HVEIAA introduced the relevant situation in three aspects: establishment background, preparation, main tasks. He said that 2018 is the year that Xi Jinping, general secretary of China, mark the fifth anniversary of "one belt, one road" initiative, the Beijing summit of the BBS on China-Africa cooperation has just ended, under this background, in order to develop Chinese agriculture higher vocational education experience to share with the world, led by our initiative, set up a communication and cooperation, collaborative research, international agricultural higher vocational education alliance of resource sharing.

        Ji Wenlin mentioned that since the alliance set up ,we will unite all members jointly to play the role of bridge and link, and make a great contribution for international agriculture and animal husbandry higher vocational education development and cultivate more talents skilled at higher qualify technical. And also it will make a great contribution for community of shared future for mankind in agri-husbandry vocational education.

The second agenda is the Development Conference of Jiangsu Agri-animal Husbandry Vocational College, host by Chair Ji Wenlin.

Cai Heng, vice director of Jiangsu Provincial Agriculture Committee, introduced the basic situation of Jiangsu Agriculture. He pointed out that Jiangsu Agri-animal Husbandry Vocational College seized the chance of the development of modern agriculture and vocational education system provided by the country so that the college formed the distinctive characteristics, became the pioneer of the national agricultural vocational colleges, accelerated the pace of education internationalization, made a positive contribution to our province agriculture to go out. He hopes that Jiangsu Agri-animal Husbandry Vocational College will deepen farming professional talents with an international vision, do well in cooperation and development to realize the development of modern agriculture in Jiangsu.

Wang Chengbin, Deputy Director-General, introduced the basic situation of education in Jiangsu province, pointed out that the 60 years’ running of Jiangsu Agri-animal Husbandry Vocational College realized a new development. Especially in recent years, the college adhered to the innovation in management, moral education, teaching and environment, made an important contribution to the development of Jiangsu education, hoped to continuously strengthen the connotation development, and actively innovate personnel training mode, improve education quality and managerial level and foster the modernization of Jiangsu.

President He Zhengdong made a report on the development of the school. He reviewed the hard and successful develop of our college in the past sixty years. He summarized the fruits of the sixty years comprehensively from the "first class", "first-class teacher", "first-class professional", "first-class research", "first-class achievement" and drew some experience: benefited by the party and the country's good policy, benefited by the correct direction of college running, benefited by a solidarity of house keepers.

President He said that, we will insist on the spirit of the nineteenth Congress of CPC, hold up the Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era so as to play a leading role in the culture heritance with more enthusiasm and more pragmatic spirit. We will improve innovation, enhance the level of personnel training, improve the ability to service national rural revitalization strategy, promote school reform and development of various undertakings so as to create a "national leading, world famous" higher vocational school for agri-animal husbandry!

Li Xuetai, Principal of Shandong Vocational Animal Science and Veterinary College, Xue Wuting, Director of China Animal Husbandry Group, Zou Guangbin, Manager of Guangming Pig Company, and Caobin, dean of Pet Technology College at our college, as the representatives of peer colleges, cooperative companies, the alumni and teachers in order, gave speeches at the conference and expressed great wishes and sincere thanks to our college.

  Finally, the teachers and students of our school gave a splendid and magnificent performance named "hand in hand". For nearly an hour, the guests were shocked and amazed by the beautiful dancing, surging songs, graceful melody and gorgeous ethereal lighting. They felt the comprehensive effect of the talent training of our school.

  Leaders and directors from the Ministry of Agricultural and Rural Affairs, the Ministry of Education, state administration of forestry and grassland, China vocational education association, bureau of the Chinese national husbandry, station the central agricultural broadcasting and television, China Education Association For International Exchange, National Fisheries Technology Extension Center, China Agriculture Press, Jiangsu provincial agriculture committee, Jiangsu Education Department, Foreign Affairs Office of Jiangsu Provincial People’s Government, Jiangsu Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Jiangsu Poultry Institute, Jiangsu Forestry Department, Agriculture Committee of Taizhou, Foreign Affairs Office of Taizhou, Taizhou Science& Technology Bureau, Binhai County, the committee of Gaogang District, the representatives of the Alliance member, the peer colleges, the cooperative colleges and companies, and the alumna, news media personnels, as well as all new and old school staff, student representatives, foreign students representatives participated the summit.