The Department of Horticulture
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    The Horticulture Department of Jiangsu Animal Husbandry and Veterinary College was approved and established by the department of agriculture in Jiangsu province. It contains four majors, such as landscape engineering, landscape gardening techniques, technology and art design (city landscape design and art direction). The teachers have a strong theoretical and practical ability.
    Professor Tang Gengguo, Dean of the department, who was doctoral tutor for the national tree experts, served as the Nanjing Forestry University College of forest resources and environment, the Landscape Institute Vice President, taught for nearly forty years, has a wealth of teaching experience, have been involved in a number of research projects for our country, and made a number of achievements in scientific research.
    In recent years, with increasing capital investment in the college, the department laboratory construction has received great development; it currently has a garden project, comprehensive training, innovative practice platforms, landscape planning and design training innovative practice platform and gardens. Plant integrated training, innovative and practical platforms, such as the three major experiment platforms have been established, and have nearly 1000 acres of training area for the seedlings of flowers, garden and bamboo varieties, and also owns more than thirty of the school-enterprise cooperation units used as college student entrepreneurship training platforms.
    Based on our tenet of enhancing the program, specialty construction, aggrandizement of outstanding high skill level training and service to the local economic construction of Jiangsu"; we focus on cultivating students with a solid professional knowledge and with excellent professional skills, strengthening students' hard work, dedication and teamwork. The comprehensive quality of our students, make the students' more able to gain the praise of the employers in the industry.
    Our students have participated in many provincial and ministerial-level professional skills competition and obtained multiple awards. For example ,Which Zhao Xiaonan had won the national flower ( College Group ) skills competition first prize; zhang Rong had won Jiangsu Province plant modeling ( the group ) skills competition prize two; Shi Chengjian and l Ge Bin had won the Jiangsu province first" colorful maple color. Cup" contest bronze color plant landscape design.